Blotted against the southern slope of the Luberon, amidst vinyards and olive groves, surrounding the steeple of the belfry and the towers of the Catholic and Protestant churches and watched over by its imposing medieval castle, the village has more than enough charm to spare.

With its narrow streets, its town squares embellished by sculpted fountains, its sunny sidewalk cafés, Lourmarin attracts more than mere tourists passing through: it lives up to its official description of being "one of the most beautiful villages of France" and many artists have chosen to establish themselves here. The first among them, Albert Camus, Nobel-prize winner in literature, is buried in the sun-drenched cemetery. His final resting place has no big tombstone or monument, just a simple mound covered with thyme, savory and wild flowers. Not far from Camus lies Henri Bosco, listening forever to the song of the cicadas of his beloved Provence ...

Above all, Lourmarin is a bustling town: starting in spring, the Renaissance castle (chateau-de-lourmarin.com) and the majestic Protestant temple host a number of exceptional concerts (some part of the "La-Roque-d'Anthéron International Piano Festival" program http://www.festival-piano.com).

Throughout the year numerous art galleries exhibit paintings and watercolors sketched by artists. Among the writers and artists who have chosen to live there, well hidden in the beautiful surrounding countryside, we find Peter Mayle, who so promoted our region all over the world with his bestseller "A Year in Provence" . 

On the culinary front, no need to go any farther to enjoy the best that Provence can offer: from simple bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants. Everyone will find what he or she likes and at varied prices. In Lourmarin there are around fifteen excellent dining possibilities, and the wine growers of the area offer unforgettable wine-tasting experiences.

The weekly market, one of the finest in Provence, is held on Friday morning. It attracts many tourists but remains on a human scale and you will love its musical ambiance and happy atmosphere. Cooking demonstrations by local restaurateurs enliven the farmers' market which is held on Tuesday evenings from May to October on the topic of organic agricultural products and wine.

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Other annual events

  • Promenades littéraires - all summer from 3 persons , on tuesday Albert Camus and on thursday Henri Bosco at 10h        (register the day before at the latest ). www.lourmarin.com
  • From Oct  5th to 8th  2017 : Rencontres Méditerranéennes Albert Camus – participate to seminars around his work.

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